Love thy neighbour?

My latest article for Middle East Eye looks at how Israel’s expansion of illegal settlements and legalisation of outposts is allowed to go on unchecked in the occupied West Bank and details its effect on nearby Palestinian villages. Here with extra gallery.

Bedouins March for Recognition

In March 2015 MK Ayman Odeh of the Joint List called for a ‘March for Recognition’. The march brought Negev Bedouins to Jerusalem to hand a plan for recognition of 46 unrecognized Bedouin villages to the President’s office.

Why I will vote Joint List

This story came out in the run up to the Israeli parliamentary elections in March 2015. The Joint List  was breathing new hope into Israeli politics. In Tel Aviv, I asked both its Jewish and Palestinians supporters what is special about it.

Qalqiliya Skates

Here I met the X-Games team of Qalqiliya. They do crazy stuff on a skate ramp in a city quite literally surrounded by Israel’s separation wall.

Bawwabet Al Quds

Bawwabet Al Quds was a protest camp set up by Palestinian activists to oppose the forced relocation by Israeli authorities of Palestinian Bedouins on the lands of Abu Dis. Bedouins are being moved to make room for more Israeli settlements, which are in breech of international law.

Negev Bedouins resist erasure

Here I talk about how Bedouins living in unrecognized villages in the Negev, with the help of local and international civil society organizations, defy government attempts at erasing them from the map.

Redfern Tent Embassy

During my stay in Australia I met some really active and passionate indigenous people who are fighting for their right to land, identity and self-determination.

Khan Al Lubban

On this occasion I met Khaled Daraghmeh of Khan al Lubban to talk settler violence, sovereignty over land and resistance.

A New Revolution in Australia

Another piece following my Australian travels. Here I talk to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elders who are coming together to demand representation from below.