Ramadan in Jerusalem

The months of Ramadan kicked off and from Ramallah I made the trip to Jerusalem to see how the city has changed. Published on EI. To see the complete photostory, click here.

New East Jerusalem Walls

October 2015 saw an intensifying of violence in Israel and Palestine. Caused largely by the ongoing Israeli military occupation over some 4 million Palestinians, the violence exploded following a series of grave attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians and by Palestinians against Israeli settlers, security forces and civilians.

Fever Pitch

And then I got to see my first ever football game. The air was filled with dust but nothing stopped Palestine from playing UAE at the East Jerusalem stadium of Al Ram, it was the first FIFA game played in Palestine.

Verona app: Montecchi e Capuleti in medio oriente?

Ho parlato con Matthew Nolan, che non è un programmatore qualunque, lui la tecnologia la vuole usare per abbattere le barriere che ci separano. E così ha creato un’app per far avvicinare (e magari innamorare) palestinesi e israeliani.

Bawwabet Al Quds

Bawwabet Al Quds was a protest camp set up by Palestinian activists to oppose the forced relocation by Israeli authorities of Palestinian Bedouins on the lands of Abu Dis. Bedouins are being moved to make room for more Israeli settlements, which are in breech of international law.