From Damascus to Gaza

This one is about Palestinian refugees from Syria left with little choice but travelling to gaza to find ‘safety’.

Urban Refugees in Zarqa

This one is form Zarqa, Jordan. Read on to discover the challenges faced by Syrian refugees in the Hashemite Kingdom and, if you are from Europe, to remind yourself that no, most of the worldwide refugees are not in the EU at all, they are in Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, …

Haunted by war

I visited Gaza last month where I met a child I will call Mohammed. Like 51% of kids in Gaza, he suffers from PTSD. He is 8 years-old.

Natural Heritage

Here is one I wrote for IPS about two very different initiatives in the West Bank that seek to revive Palestinian natural heritage and boost the local economy.

Radical Neighbours

I visited Hebron on the day two young Palestinians were killed, one by a soldier, one by a settler, and both for alleged stabbing attempts. Hebron is a glaring example of how the presence of Israeli settlements, illegal under international law, represents the main obstacle to a just solution.

New East Jerusalem Walls

October 2015 saw an intensifying of violence in Israel and Palestine. Caused largely by the ongoing Israeli military occupation over some 4 million Palestinians, the violence exploded following a series of grave attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians and by Palestinians against Israeli settlers, security forces and civilians.

Stop Food Waste

I spent the summer of 2015 in Europe. In Leeds, I met Adam Smith, the founder of the Real Junk Food Project (TRJFP) which is a groundbreaking initiative aiming to end food waste.