From Damascus to Gaza

This one is about Palestinian refugees from Syria left with little choice but travelling to gaza to find ‘safety’.

Haunted by war

I visited Gaza last month where I met a child I will call Mohammed. Like 51% of kids in Gaza, he suffers from PTSD. He is 8 years-old.

Natural Heritage

Here is one I wrote for IPS about two very different initiatives in the West Bank that seek to revive Palestinian natural heritage and boost the local economy.

Atfal Al Hurria – Freedom Babies

A year after the 2014 war, I returned to Gaza. One of the stories grabbing the headlines was that of women conceiving babies with sperm smuggled out of the Israeli prisons in which their husbands are held.

Tested by Destruction

I made this video with Danish journalist Lena Odgaard. We talked to Inas, an 18 year old from Gaza who is sitting her high school exams a year after the war.

Verona app: Montecchi e Capuleti in medio oriente?

Ho parlato con Matthew Nolan, che non è un programmatore qualunque, lui la tecnologia la vuole usare per abbattere le barriere che ci separano. E così ha creato un’app per far avvicinare (e magari innamorare) palestinesi e israeliani.

Gaza: families reluctant to return home

This is one is from the north of the Strip where following a prolonged ceasefire Bedouin families from the community of Umm al Nasser began making their way back. Only to find their homes in pieces.

Gaza: life and war

This one is in German. About some of the madness dictating the life of the people of Gaza during the war.