Threat of displacement

I visited the Bedouin villages of Umm al Heran and Attir in the Negev once again for this photo-story. First published on EI. To see the full photostory click here.

Ramadan in Jerusalem

The months of Ramadan kicked off and from Ramallah I made the trip to Jerusalem to see how the city has changed. Published on EI. To see the complete photostory, click here.

Palestinian Jaffa

In May, Israelis celebrate Independence Day while Palestinians commemorate the Nakba (Disaster). One history still intersecting in vastly different ways with the lives of two peoples. Published on EI.

Right to Movement 2016

Here some photos from the 2016 Right to Movement marathon in Bethlehem. Shot for Middle East Eye, you can see more photos at this link: MEE

Resisting Erasure

This is a sample from my ongoing photo-documentary on Al Araqib. Al Araqib is a Bedouin village in the Negev, southern Israel. Despite pre-dating the state of Israel, the village is deemed ‘illegal’ by state authorities, which have planned to plant  a Jewish National Fund forest in its place.

Life on hold

I visited Mufaqarah for the first time in 2011. Mufaqarah sits in a beautiful spot in the lunar landscape of the South Hebron Hills but that spot is on the edge of one of Israel’s army firing zones. Firing Zone 918. More simply put, Mufaqarah is in an area for …

Palestinian Circus School

In September, back in Palestine, I spent a day with the students and founders of the Palestinian Circus School. If you are lucky you might catch them at a tent near you.

Fever Pitch

And then I got to see my first ever football game. The air was filled with dust but nothing stopped Palestine from playing UAE at the East Jerusalem stadium of Al Ram, it was the first FIFA game played in Palestine.

From Trash to Tables

While in the UK over the summer, I visited a couple of projects in London that are working to end food waste by turning food destined to the skip, into delicious meals.