Tested by Destruction

I made this video with Danish journalist Lena Odgaard. We talked to Inas, an 18 year old from Gaza who is sitting her high school exams a year after the war.

Inas still lives in a cramped temporary shelter of 2 rooms that she shares with her large family. Her house was bombed during the war and she was hit on the head by debris flying up in the air as she was running away.

As Inas explains in the video, it has been very tough preparing for the exam while living in the improvised shelter. She only has electricity a few hours a day and that made it hard to study in the evening. Also, the shelter has no running water, which means that even just to wash, water has to be brought from the tank. Inas lost her room and with it most of her things.

Aside from the difficult situation at home, Inas is also facing the prospect of jobless future, as the World Bank recently announced that youth unemployment in Gaza has reached record heights at 60%.

Despite all this, Inas still looks ahead with hope. She told us she wants to become a journalist, to let the world know what the situation in Gaza is really like.

Made for AJ+ by Silvia Boarini and Lena Odgaard