Bawwabet Al Quds

Bawwabet Al Quds was a protest camp set up by Palestinian activists to oppose the forced relocation by Israeli authorities of Palestinian Bedouins on the lands of Abu Dis. Bedouins are being moved to make room for more Israeli settlements, which are in breech of international law.

Khan Al Lubban

On this occasion I met Khaled Daraghmeh of Khan al Lubban to talk settler violence, sovereignty over land and resistance.

Gaza: families reluctant to return home

This is one is from the north of the Strip where following a prolonged ceasefire Bedouin families from the community of Umm al Nasser began making their way back. Only to find their homes in pieces.

Gaza: life and war

This one is in German. About some of the madness dictating the life of the people of Gaza during the war.

Ebaa vuole andare al mare

Questo pezzo e’ in italiano. L’ho scritto dopo un viaggio in macchina con Ebaa sulla strada del mare. C’era un cessate il fuoco quel giorno a Gaza…

Gaza: five hours of truce

The photos in this slideshow were shot over 5 hours of negotiated ceasefire. I made my way to the market were people were out in droves after 9 days of war.